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For $8,000, this startup will fill your veins with the blood of young people

LNM Radio

To Jesse Karmazin, blood is a drug.

His startup, a company called Ambrosia based in Monterey, California, is currently enrolling people in the first US clinical trial designed to find out what happens when the veins of adults are filled with the blood of young people.

In many ways, he’s right about blood’s life-saving qualities. A simple blood transfusion, which involves hooking up an IV and pumping the plasma of a healthy person into the veins of someone who’s undergone surgery or been in a car crash, for example, is one of the safest life-saving procedures we have. Every year in the US, nurses perform about 14.6 million of them, which means about 40,000 blood transfusions happen on any given day.

But Karmazin, who has a medical degree but is not licensed to practice medicine, wants to take the idea of blood as a drug to a different level — he wants to use transfusions to fight aging.