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About LNM/Michael Vara

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LNM began on September 19th 2008,Created by Michael Vara it has become the one network that you can count on to keep it real,we cover everything fairly.

We have proven ourselves over and over again turning down offers that would put us on easy street however we would not be us and that is not us.

Michael Vara got tired of the main stream radio shows going along to get along and skipping over the truth to make friends or keep friends.

The LNM Radio Network is a branch off the cover show (Late Night in the Midlands) hosted by Michael Vara.

We have a variety of shows covering a variety of topics and we are funded by the people for the people.

Michael Vara is an author,radio show host who has had experiences with the paranormal as well he has had multiple UFO sightings.

Michael had two OBE’s at age 10 in which he was drawn out of his body,yet unable to leave the room,on both occasions Michael attempted to leave the bed room only to open the door and find a closet,’another words’ no matter what door he opened it only led to the closet.

Michael now wonders 35 years later if these so called OBE’s were more than meets the eye.

Michael would then have a third OBE in 2004,only this one was different. Michael was met by his mother who had passed away in 2001,She took Michael by the hand and took him to his past and told him his immediate future by showing him.

Further more Michael had witnessed several unidentified crafts in the sky on several different occasions and while he can not say if they were ours or theirs, he can say they were intelligently controlled craft and like nothing he had ever seen here on earth outside of the movies.

One particular night while outside his studio Michael looked up only to find a very large craft moving slowly just above the tree tops,amazed Michael pounded on the studio wall outside so that his wife Autumn may also see this amazing site.

Michael Vara has created and hosted Late Night in the Midlands since 2008 and has created and co,hosted other shows such as World Watchers,Money & Change,The Last Frequency but now wishes to only focus on his baby Late Night in the Midlands.

Michael Vara is from Rochester,NY but has lived in South Carolina since 2008 with his wife and kids.

Michael is a father and a grandfather who wants a better future for those he loves.



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