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Alex Jones at it again ! Leaked List Shows Ferguson Protesters Paid by Soros Front Group

Alex Jones

I seen this and it reminds me why I do not trust Alex (drama queen) Jones.
We know that they paid people to be disruptive and to cause problems in the protest but what we need to remember is these people get brain washed from their main stream media causing them to be misguided to protest for the wrong reasons,mean while sliping in the trouble makers to slash fear in your face so you will fall for the more security BS.
Alex Jones is going by some tweets and some pics of a piece of paper with names and dollar amounts that anyone could have typed up on the computer. Alex takes the truth and BUTTERS it up so people are still left misinformed or it makes a mockery of what is true. Sickens me it really does.
Here is the story from AJ
A leaked list shows that Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), a group funded by George Soros, paid over 80 individuals and organizations to protest during civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri last year.

The details came to light after black activists held a sit in protest at the offices of MORE last week in St. Louis to complain about the fact that they hadn’t been paid the money they were promised for taking part in the demonstrations.

In order to show where the money had been going, MORE was forced to release the following list of who had been paid what.
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