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Alien hunting gets HUGE boost as Artificial Intelligence joins search for extraterrestrial

LNM Radio Network

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI) has joined the hunt for alien life throughout the universe, massively increasing the chances of finding extra-terrestrials.
Machine learning software, based on the algorithms used by Google and Netflix, has joined the hunt for aliens.
The computer has the ability to analyse star systems and planets and can decipher whether the planets could potentially sustain life.

The AI uses machine learning, which is a type of man-made intelligence that allows computers to learn through data that it is continuously fed – rather than humans having to update the software.

The machine, created by researchers at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada, is believed to be up to 1,000 times faster at predicting whether a planet is potentially habitable and can work around the clock, unlike humans, making it a massive boost in the search for aliens.