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Aliens Are Real” Former Lockheed Martin Employee Confirms Before Dying

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Aliens Are Real” Former Lockheed Martin Employee Confirms Before Dying
I think death can make a person feel that they cannot hold on to a secret of great importance before they pass away. You hear many a time of certain people around the world declaring important unknown ‘Truths’ before they die….Boyd Bushman did exactly this also, and what he confirmed needs to be heard by the world.

There are Aliens, some as old as 200 years, which are very real and have visited Earth, a former Lockheed Martin senior scientist has claimed. In his final moments, he provided “photo evidence” while sharing his personal experiences of UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

The controversial 33-minute video (please see below) was made shortly before Boyd Bushman died on August 7, 2014. However, the footage has only not so long ago emerged and is starting to garner widespread attention.

“I do have a top secret clearance,” he affirms at the beginning of the video. He goes on to state that incidents such as Roswell in 1947 – when a military Air Force surveillance balloon crashed – happened at the hands of aliens.

Bushman shared details about aliens, UFOs, and anti-gravity technology – which he says is being developed by US, Russian, and Chinese scientists at Area 51 (the US military facility).

In the video, Bushman is seen holding up second-hand “photo evidence” of aliens while describing them to viewers.

– See more at: http://truthcdm.com/aliens-are-real-former-lockheed-martin-employee-confirms-before-dying/#sthash.Ndg7gFnb.dpuf