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Argentina: Hunter Claims He Shot “An Extraterrestrial”

LNM radio Network

LNM radio Network

Editors note : If anyone can get me in contact with this guy please do

Source: Nuevo Diario Web de Santiago del Estero

Argentina: Hunter Claims He Shot An Extraterrestrial

“They are grey and have four fingers on their hands and four toes on their feet. They stand approximately a meter and fifteen centimeters,” says Alberto Tavernise, who says he was later abducted.

The uncanny story could be the plot of a science fiction film. However, it concerns the dramatic story told by a resident of the community of Luan Toro, located 20 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

Alberto Tavernise, 59, shared his experience with Cronica – an encounter he will never forget. “A few months ago I was hunting in a nearby field, and I saw something going on at a hunting stand. That’s when I was surrounded by five extraterrestrials,” he said.

Regarding their physical appearance, he stated that “they were grey, with four fingers on their hands and four toes on their feet, standing approximately a meter and fifteen centimeters tall. They looked like they show them in the movies.”

Contact with these grey creatures did not end there. “They came to my house and abducted me, in a subsequent instance.”

The critical moment of this narrative came about, without question, with the alleged death of one of the interplanetary visitors.