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Beware of Alternative Media Projects ?



The Alternative Media ! Alternative to what ?

I felt it important to warn you all of a major problem with in the alternative media !! it has been infiltrated from everything from trolls to paid dis-info agents to folks who meant well in the beginning but fell to the dark side for fame and or fortune.

I was recently approached by a woman back in January who was sent my way by Alfred Webre she says, this woman wanted to prove to me that Michael Tellinger was a bad man and because Michale was going to be on my show she felt it was important to show me this so called evidence of wrong doing. I went over all of what she calls evidence and here is what I conclude.

It would appear as a disagreement of a business deal and nothing more,we see these things happen all the time in our world and I am not the business deal police so I write it off as just that ! a misunderstanding of a business deal that has nothing at all to do with me.

I find out later that what we have here is a woman who is trying to make a name for herself with attempts to discredit those who have been in the spot light. I come to this conclusion only after my own dealings with this so called truther !!

I was approched in January as I mentioned above and it started out as what seemed to be an inocent attempt to bring a concern to light with me.

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_47_36 PM

As you can clearly see above I tried to nip the BS in the butt and said show me what you can PROVE, however what I did get was an attempt to persuade me to attack Michael Tellinger.

Then here comes the self promotion

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_48_16 PM

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_49_02 PM

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_49_52 PM

I asked her again to just send what she has and I will look at it.

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_50_22 PM

Melani Vermay then as you can see was thinking LNM is big so lets target them.

I was offered to drop my DYING radio and join her media project CCN that kinda sounds like CNN.

When I declined the offer I was then attacked and insulted and I will tell this fool and any other fool who claims radio is dying !! it is not radio that is dying, it is good & real radio host who or the dying breed. The truth means nothing anymore to these media shills.

all she had to say was good luck and the offer stands if you should change your mind but no that is not in the play book.

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_51_05 PM

First off why do I have to prove anything to this sea hag ? second off why is she so concerned with LNM and how fast we are growing ?? I will get to that in a moment.

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_51_31 PM

Notice how she plays it off like she was only trying to help me ? notice how she claims the posts on my page was of mutual interest ? how in the hell is raising her money and interest of mine ?????

She has made some claims about me in these post I would like to address, yes I am only worried about the LNM Radio Network and you know why ?? because it is the only network I can trust.

She says it is about me me me ?? wrong again honey ! I help people all over the world every day with natural cures and I charge not one penny for our content so sit down and get your pad and pencil out lady cause there is a quiz at the end of the hour !! class is now in session.

She says CCN is the fastest growing ? good ! then get off my nuts squirrel and get your own.

She then says I can piggy back off her if I want publicity lmao so you see how pathetic these people become.

Who is piggy backing on who ? I did not contact her ! she contacted me ! I did not insult her ! she insulted me because I turned her down and I will tell you why soon.

Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 3_52_09 PM Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 4_07_23 PM Screenshot - 6_3_2015 , 4_07_52 PM

So you see we have another wannabe who claims to be the victim when you can see with your own eyes who called who names and who was looking for a fight, but why ? this is the question we must always ask ! why ?

I think I can clear this up but let me start here

The LNM Radio Network is the only network I trust and will always be the only network I trust.

I started LNM in last 2007 on my own with no help and no CONTROL and since then it has always been that way.

LNM is independent media not Alternative or main stream meaning, We say it like it is and we never hold back, we answer to no one ever and will get to the truth even if that truth leads to one of our own and in the past it has ! Glenn Canady – Michael Nuccitelli ect ect.

These alternative media’s have been infiltrated big time by money or promise of fame or even cross promotion with some of the bigger gate keepers like a Coast 2 Coast am

I do not fear speaking out because the truth is the truth no matter how you dress it.

Lets look at what this so called alternative media has become and why it continues to muddy up the truth, you have shows like coast who claim to be about the truth yet they promote known dis-info agents and they warn guest to not go on other shows like Late Night in the Midlands or the guest simply can not be on coast or they warn them to not mention others or they will be cut off.

Then you have others like Camelot who promote anything that will get them hits and dollars for example her recent promotion of Stew Webb & some others having attempts on their lives, Stew Webb is a known BS artist who uses his former good deed to promote now, all his fantasy he blows on the net as truth. I can say this because I know Stew and the disinfo agents he works with like Gordon Duff and Glenn Canady. I wish just once these host would ask for evidence and report the truth rather than a favor for one of their friends or handlers.

You have guys or gal’s who claim to be from the Illuminati or former members of this or that and they spew out lie after lie and you just eat it up despite none of it coming to pass, however every once in a while they will take some random event and claim that is what they predicted because they have inside sources.

I ask you to use your common sense if you have any left and ask yourself why is this person being aloud to give these so called secrets with no consequence ?? yet others who have top secret info end up dead in car crashes or plane crashes or heart attacks before ever getting a single word out !! why ?

You know the answer and there are two answers to this question

(1) Because they are full of shit and love the attention

(2) They are paid or made to tell you these things so that your wasting your time on the right while the kick in the ass comes from the left.

I am not telling you I am the only one you can trust ! I am telling you I am the only one I trust.

This bs about in-fighting is a good way to make some hesitate to call out an obvious attempt to screw or fool the public.

CCN6black2 8g32_cnn_logo

They the notion that all alternative media needs to come together !! you mean like the main stream did ? so it is all centralized and controlled by the few ?

Why should you have to come together with anyone you do not trust or support ?

It is not the media’s who must come together !! it is the people who must come together

when media’s come together it becomes a monopoly !! but when the people come together it becomes a revolution or an awakening , we need collective consciousness not collective news media who lock their truth behind dollar signs and feed what sells no matter the ingredient.

So folks be very careful with MEDIA PROJECTS or those whom wish to bring all media together in one place repeating what he said or she said.

There is an out right invasion or information war and until you wake up and stop promoting those who are part of the problem and start holding all media to the highest standard then you are also the problem.

I notice some in the ALTERNATIVE media who do nothing but attack others because they will not join in on idea’s or theory’s of the accuser or attacks on those who will not attack others on command.


In this case I was asked to join a network of alternative media’s and I declined as I always do. I am INDEPENDENT and again that means I work for me and me only and well of course for my listeners who expect nothing less from me or my network.

There have been many attempts to take over LNM or shut down LNM over the years. I have had my life threatened and even been targeted by alphabet agencies at times but the difference is I did not cry or use it to get money out of people or give in and as a matter of fact quitting is not an option.

I have not been targeted for what I know ! I have been targeted for what I stand for

Together we are a threat to this corrupt system and so many I once called friends I know ask how ?

how do they allow themselves to be hijacked ? was it because they never really had morels in the first place ?

before you complain about the media deception ask yourself this ! are you part of the problem ?

Michael Vara