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Beware of Troll Bands like Purapharm

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

I have learned of a new troll in which I had no idea existed.

We all know about the internet trolls and the forum trolls and of course the paid corporate troll/cointelpro, well now we have a new troll and I have become aware of this troll due to first hand experience.

A woman who listened to our show told me of a great band who would be interested in Late Night in the Midlands using their music for our bumpers once in a while,this woman had been doing banners and other graphic work for us,so we figured sure lets take a listen.

Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 4_03_51 PM

The ban is Purapharm and they send me some mp3’s,I personally wanted to stick my head in the sand when I heard it but a few of the listeners knew our graphics woman and atleast said they liked it.

So because we was trying to get away from copyright music to lessen our edit for archive use and because we did not want to insult this woman’s cousin.We in this case,,,went along to get along and see what I always say ??? never go along to get along because it always blows up in your face. (lesson learned)

Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 4_05_27 PM

So we used their music several times (I would get up to use bathroom when it played to avoid mid show head ache)

I see a flag come in from youtube and I ask our so called friend if she can ask her cousin to stop flagging our use of her racket music and I am assured it will be taken care of but yet today they continue to flag us despite giving us (written) permission to use it.

Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 3_35_42 PM

We have upgraded much of our network and so I would have to did to find the original permission slip but I promise you I have it and can locate it if I have to.

I was however able to pull some of the proof out of my hat.

So the next time someone says hey !! I would like to volunteer and help with your show or your network or what ever it is !!

Be very careful because this woman first got in our circle,then she she got involved with my right hand man Don who helped me with chat and even guest at times.

She then broke his heart and because she met him in the LNM chat it is LNM’s fault and since then Don and I could not get back on the same page and shortly after her visit my good friend Don is no longer with us so we never did get back on track.

She would then follow up by taking down on us to our listeners and some guest who we both knew.

Then there is this constant attack on our youtube Chanel from this band that she (our former graphics gal) introduced to me and arranged to have their music on my show. I might add that the shows getting flagged our very important ones like “The police state”

Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 3_34_52 PM Screenshot - 4_9_2016 , 3_37_01 PM

So you see,it is not as if they are flagging shows on Casper the friendly Ghost.

We have been removing that noise they call music from are archived show on youtube and will continue to remove it.

Please be more careful who you trust and who you call your friends

Because so many do nothing we are out numbered when it comes to the scum who are working extensively to silence those speaking the truth.

This band no doubt has the perfect name in my opinion  Pur a pharm and if you slide the A to the back you have PUR PHARMA

I rest my case.

Michael Vara