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Bigfoot Photographed in Northern Ireland?

LNM Radio Network

A woman in Northern Ireland believes she may have photographed the legendary Bigfoot while walking her dogs in a forest that some say is haunted.

At the time of the encounter, Maxine Caulfield says, her normally rambunctious dogs suddenly became eerily still during their walk and began staring at something in the woods.

The bewildered woman took a picture in the direction that her dogs were looking, but couldn’t see anything strange at the time.

However when she later looked at the image, she was surprised to see what appears to be an eerie ‘figure’ in the forest.

Although Caulfield is not certain that the anomaly is a Bigfoot, she is open to the possibility that it could be.

Others have suggested an even more wondrous possibility in that the oddity might actually be a ghost!

Their reasoning is that the forest was the site of a 1942 U.S. Air Force bomber crash that killed eight people and spawned tales of spirits lurking in the forest ever since.

Skeptics who have seen the photo, on the other hand, argue that the entity is neither a Bigfoot nor a ghost, but simply a trick of light and shadow.