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Black hole at centre of galaxy spitting out PLANET-sized objects towards Earth

LNM Radio Network

THE BLACK Hole at the centre of the Milky Way is spitting out planet-like objects that are much bigger than any celestial body in our solar system and they are Earth-bound, researchers have warned.
Astronomers have discovered that supermassive black holes which usually occupy the centre of galaxies are propelling planet size object out into space.
While the objects have yet to be discovered, researchers strongly suspect, through computer algorithms, that these “spitballs” could be as much as several times the size of Jupiter – by far the biggest planet in our solar system.

When stars wander too close to a black hole, the intense gravitational pull of the black hole has the power to completely shred the star.

The new research shows however that that is not the end of the story.
The gas from the star then gathers itself into a massive planet-sized object which is then flung out into space.
Once they have been flund out of the black hole, travelling at speeds of 20 million miles per hour, it would still take them about one million years to reach this part of the Milky Way.