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‘Boomerang’ drone could fly around on Mars

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

Concept image of what the Prandtl-m might look like. Image Credit: NASA
Scientists have developed a prototype of a strange new boomerang-shaped aircraft for use on Mars.
When coming up with a design concept for a vehicle that will be operating on another world the first thing that usually springs to mind is a rover like Curiosity – a conventional wheeled explorer that can slowly but surely trundle around on a planet’s surface over an extended period of time.

Not content with the limitations of a ground-based vehicle however NASA has been looking in to sending something with a bit more freedom. It’s latest project, a fiberglass or carbon-fiber aircraft shaped like a boomerang, is designed to bypass this specific limitation in style.

The lightweight Prandtl-m, which measures 24 inches across and can glide through the air across large distances, could soon become the first ever airborne vehicle on Mars.