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British Government Spied On EVERYONE’S Web Activity, Targeted Internet Radio Listeners

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Steve Watson
September 25, 2015

Spies with GCHQ, the British equivalent of the NSA spied on “every visible” user’s Internet activity and called the operation ‘Karma Police’ after a song by the band Radiohead.

The new revelation comes from documents provided to journalists with The Intercept by whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The report notes that the program, which enables spooks to monitor practically every facet of Internet activity, has been running for seven years.

The report states:

The origin of the surveillance system’s name is not discussed in the documents. But KARMA POLICE is also the name of a popular song released in 1997 by the Grammy Award-winning British band Radiohead, suggesting the spies may have been fans.

A verse repeated throughout the hit song includes the lyric, “This is what you’ll get, when you mess with us.”

The documents expose how the program is more intrusive than anything the NSA has attempted that is publically known. GCHQ itself referred to the program as the “world’s biggest” Internet data-mining operation.
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