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Businessman Donald Trump 42.9% yet the Nit pickers Fear him

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

it seems every nit pick in the world has been attempted on Mr.Trump because some ,that includes the out of control main stream or lame stream media whom fear Mr.Trump because he is not one who plays by their rules,he is not one who goes along to get along,he is his own man,he can not be bought ,,I mean the guy is worth 10 Billion for Gods sake.
If he gets in and is not better than the rest then I will let him have it just as I had the others like Obama & Bush,however he is the only one running who says it like it is and has had real success with the best chance for we the people in my opinion and apparently many many others who said they will vote for him agree.
Assuming that some how our vote actually matters in this election or any election for that matter.
OK but quickly
I heard a radio host the other night bring up trump university
The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative (formerly Trump University) is an online education company owned and founded by Donald Trump. A part of The Trump Organization, the company offers courses in real estate, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation,
the institution officially changed its name from Trump University to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative, after the New York State Department of Education took the view that it was “misleading for the institution to call itself a university,So he had to change the name is all,yet some would try and make it seem like he is some kind of criminal however on the contrary he is the opposite Donald Trump is a motivated individual who has done very well and some will make up any lie or stretch any truth to hurt this man.
a former attendee of Trump Entrepreneur Initiative gave his take as many others have.
I’ve looked through and studied the Trump U books. Honestly, I think they’re terrific. They’re well-written, very informative, and present the same info learned in a college lecture. It’s not a legitimate university, and anyone who expects to receive a degree is missing the point of the whole thing. However, you can learn a lot from reading and listening. Knowledge doesn’t always come with a diploma, but that doesn’t mean it’s not helpful. Personally, Trump U has made me a stronger businessman. Short of getting an MBA, it’s great.

The bottom line is this ! if you want to find something to dislike someone for you can do that with just about anyone. The LNM Radio Network supports Trump 100% as of now and we will play it by ear as we move forward.

These people talk about Trump when they should be talking about how evil Clinton and Sanders are.

I rest my case once more.

Michael Vara