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Canadian affiliate charity of Clinton Foundation defends expenses (The Fix is in)


LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (Canada), a registered charity based in Vancouver, B.C., devoted $737,441 — amounting to 78 per cent of its expenditures — to management and administration in 2014. The amount includes spending on office supplies and expenses, salaries and professional and consulting fees.

That same year, according to the return filed to the Canada Revenue Agency and published online, the organization devoted $205,419 to charitable programs, accounting for 22 per cent of its expenditures.

A similar ratio — 72 per cent to management and administration costs and 28 per cent to charitable programs — is in the 2013 return.

The Canadian charity strongly defended against any suggestion it is spending too much on overhead.
A message from Kerry Corn our friend
Okay, boys and girls, I’ve been doing some cursory digging on what I can find out about the Clinton Foundation and the branches that go out from it and geez, just whats on the record is particularly concerning… lets see if you believe that I’m connecting dots that aren’t there or if I’m on to something.
I think, maybe, that The Clinton Foundation is in essence a tax free international money laundering scheme. If some operation with better resources and a thirst for the truth were to peel this onion back further than I can just by doing some reading, well, we could be looking at an international criminal ring of biblical proportions.
Mind you, this all starts the way it does with wealthy assholes like this, the creation of the tax free “charitable” foundation: From Zuckerberg to Rockefeller to Ford… the scam tends to be the same.
In the case of the Clinton Foundation, this seems to be how it works:
Obviously, there’s the creation of a separate foreign “charity.” In this case, the Clintons set it up in Canada, in a partnership called the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership .
This back door channel allows foreign oligarchs, governments and numerous globalist scumbags to then donate to this Canadian charity. In this case, over 1,000 did — contributing mega millions.
This under the cover of “charitable acts”, because I’m certain Russian business types linked in with Putin just decided that they needed the good karma, as did Saudi royal family types.
From what I can find, it appears then that the Canadian charity would then move the cash around and then bundle these separate donations finally making a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation itself.
It must be noted that the The Clinton Foundation and the heads of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership claim Canadian law prohibits the identification of individual donors, so finding out exactly who’s been (allegedly) purchasing the favor of the Clintons is going to prove hard to accomplish in it’s totality… nice cover, no?
The Clinton Foundation then showers a pittance of some of these funds for legitimate good works programs, such as AIDS medication or the mystery of the millions for Haiti that never showed up. Most folks who follow charitable organizations claim this falls under 10%. Much of these funds goes to lavish the Clintons in luxury, pay salaries to who knows how many numbers of sycophants and henchmen. Tax free, which means you and I are likely subsidizing it, no different than the Mega churches taking advantage of most of the same monopoly game.
The Clinton Foundation has unlimited access to the best accountants and tax experts money and influence can find…yet, somehow failed to report most of this on their tax filings, especially the lush lifestyle it’s been giving Bill, Hillary and Chelsea. Magically, as Hillary’s presidential campaign was finding it’s footing, 5 years of these tax reports have had to be refiled… you know, to do the “right” thing…
Do I have a point I’m getting to here? End Game: foreign money from some of the worst government and international business criminals goes into the Clinton’s pockets tax free and appears to largely untraceable back to the original donor, at least for the time being. Am I wrong then, to question this movement of funds as nothing more than sophisticated money laundering? Can I be so wrong, if I go ahead then and assume that it was also being used to purchase favor from Hillary during her stint at the State Dept.?
Oh, by the way, the Canadian “charity” includes as a principal one Frank Giustra at this point everyone who intends to vote should Google this guy . He happens to be the individual, by the way, who was central to the formation of Uranium One, the Canadian company that magically made the acquisition of massive U.S. uranium interests and then sold them, without opposition to a Putin linked organization controlled by Russia. Wondering why no opposition? I mean, the State Dept. had to sign off on the sale… oh… wait… that’s right, we had a Sec. Clinton as the Sect. of State… but, nothing to see there… I’m sure.
Are you at least thinking I’ve got some persuasive information here? How about the following questions to end this with:
Why the thousands of donors, kept secret, funneling money through the little known Clinton Foundation subsidary? Why all the foreign money making it’s way through there? Why aren’t these “generous” people and institutions making their donations directly to the Clinton Foundation? Further more, with all the proof of the money rarely going to charity, why wouldn’t these, by all accounts intelligent and wealthy entities, make donations directly to the countries or institutions in need of the funds?
Charity Navigator has rated the Clinton Foundation, that’s what Charity Navigator does, rates the efficacy and honesty of charities and they refused to rate the organization, stating “it doesn’t meet our criteria as a charitable organization” and they’ve listed the Clinton Foundation as a member of it’s “watch list” as a entity with problematic distribution of funds… furthermore, a senior fellow at the Sunlight Foundation, a government watchdog group, Bill Allison stated on the record that “It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.”
I believe, if the Clinton Foundation is investigated, by someone who only wants to release the truth, we’re going to find out that this charity is nothing more than a cover for money laundering and influence peddling and misappropriation of national resources.
I believe this would explain Hillary’s private server, her sudden “lapse” in judgement regarding classified intel and her obsessive purge of 10’s of thousands of emails that by law belonged to the government and thereby, we the people.
If you think this is something, just imagine the destruction that will follow once someone as unscrupulous as this gets her hands on the power backing a president.