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Chad Meek (original space contactees of the 50’s ) on LNM Radio 10-17-17

Host Michael Vara is joined by Chad C Meek who grew up in the belly of the early UFO contact awareness movement during the early sixties at a place called Giant Rock located in California’s Mohave Desert. It is here at the age of four he had his first of many alien abduction and other experiences of the supersensible world.
His unique pedigree within the UFO contact awareness movement was established well before he was born by his enigmatic Uncle George Van Tassel (1910-1978) who was the undisputed world wide leader of all things in the UFO sub culture during the time period 1947 -1975.
While writing the original Giant Rock The Movie a science fiction screenplay based on true events about his family and the people of the Giant Rock era he had an epiphany that the work would not be complete without the inclusion of his own UFO experiences.
The critical acclaimed 266 page novel Giant Rock which is published by Traingulum Publishing and Amazon is the combination of the original Giant Rock Screenplay and the sequel.
Mr. Meek President and CEO of Clarity Resources, Inc. as well as Giant Rock Universal it’s 100 percent owned Multi-media Company that owns the intellectual copy write to the book Giant Rock “The Greatest UFO story never told”, the screenplay Giant Rock The Movie, as well as the Giant Rock Experience “Skeptics Welcome a multimedia stage show is a welcome guest and commentator on all things UFO related has appeared on 240 radio and radio podcasts.
Past accomplishments have been creating a $ 200,000,000 million dollar market cap oil and gas exploration company Petromek Nevada, Inc. the predecessor company of Clarity Resources, Inc.

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