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Chase Kloetzke (Ufologist and forensic investigator) on LNM Radio 09-26-17

Chase Kloetzke has investigated UFOs, strange creatures, and the paranormal for over twenty years. She is a former Deputy Director of Investigations and Star Team Manager for the Mutual UFO Network, the largest civilian UFO investigative organization in the U.S. In addition, she has trained U.S. military personnel as a Master Trainer and Master Instructor, having designed and taught specialized programs relating to Force Readiness and Elite Force Protection. She continues to trek around the world to investigate and record strange phenomena.

Host Michael Vara was joined by Ufologist and forensic investigator Chase Kloetzke is the leader of the “Special Assignment Team” for the Mutual UFO Network. Chase discussed the “Star Child skull,” Her colleagues have run new tests that she says “weren’t even available when Lloyd was here.” After a lab in Canada returned its findings, she said it confirmed what Pye had found: that all DNA associated with the skull and other remains found with it were “completely human.”

Kloetzke stated that credible people “see things every day that aren’t supposed to exist” and that it is her job to follow up on these reports. She does not think that the government will disclose what they know, and instead believes that science will provide evidence for the reality of UFOs before any sort of disclosure happens, although she doesn’t think it can be contained much longer. Chase says that she will follow a case where the evidence leads, and has debunked issues such as the rumored underwater base near Malibu, California as a natural formation. She says she continues to use law enforcement investigative methods in her research, since the “standards of evidence collection are all the same.”


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