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Dale E. Winther (The Globalists are getting Desperate) on LNM Radio 03-09-17

LNM Radio Network

Dale E. Winther worked at NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an expert in computer science. He designed specialized computers for satellites, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Galileo mission to Jupiter, and many other spacecraft that were sent to Mars, Venus, and other points of interest in our solar system. He has also worked on secret military computer projects, spy satellites and drones. He was granted multiple patents for his inventions in biomedical imaging, telecommunications and industrial control systems.

As a software and microchip designer, his unique insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in our computer/internet based society led him to write about the consequences of abuse and public apathy. Dale lives in the Sierra foothill community of Coarsegold, California.

Host Michael Vara welcomed Dale E. Winther to discuss the insanity of the left literally trying to tear everything good apart. Attacking alternative media openly and then using the force of technology, such as content filters and hate speech spy bots to shut them down.  Dale says These nasty globalist lefties are now going after “mom’s Facebook accounts” to deny free speech to everyone!

There is nothing these people will not do to block truth. Many of the growing number of anti-freedom events now taking place were predicted in my book. The globalists are getting desperate and we are now all in grave danger. That they are following the script in my book is chilling. Dale says he wrote about what comes next in his story. God help us all!

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