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Dandelion Tea Kills Cancer Cells in Just 48 Hours

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The dandelion is a plant we can meet all around us. It is highly beneficial due to the many medicinal properties it contains and all we need to do is to collect it from the yard.

The most important thing about this plant is that it melts cancer cells for 48 hours. John Di Carlo, a 72-year-old man experienced a remission of the disease after 4 months of treatment with dandelion.

The dandelion tea acts upon the cancer cells in such a way that they break down in 48 hours.

Long ago, even our grandmothers knew about the healing properties about this plant and made syrups from dandelion flowers.
However, what they didn’t know was that the root of dandelion can help cancer patients. The scientists discovered that the root actually acts upon the cancer cells even better than chemotherapy. Interestingly, it doesn’t affect the healthy cells but only the infected ones.

Moreover, the dandelion has diuretic properties and it reduces cholesterol, stimulates the secretion of bile and helps in allergies. It is rich in many essential vitamins and minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron, folic acid, vitamin B6, thiamine, vitamin C and riboflavin. It contains 110% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin A and up to 535% of the required dose of vitamin K.
Natural News writes that The University of Windsor in Canada conducted a study at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the results were really hopeful for the cancer patients. It was discovered that the dandelion root kills the cancer infected cells without affecting the healthy ones.

The above mentioned a 72-year-old man named John Di Carlo was personally confident in the healing properties of dandelion. He was subjected to a heavy and even aggressive chemotherapy which in the end proved unsuccessful and he was sent home to spend his last days there.

Since the chemotherapy wasn’t giving any results and the doctors didn’t have any other alternative to offer John turned to the dandelion tea as a last attempt to save his life. The results were shocking! After 4 months he experienced remission of the disease- writes Natural News.

Sourced: feelhealthylife.com

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