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Daniel Johnson ( Mormon perspective on LNM Topics ) on LNM Radio 08-24-17

My name is Daniel Johnson and I am looking for opportunities to be a radio guest. What I offer is a unique perspective on paranormal issues. Many radio shows exist that deal with these topics, and I have noticed that most guests come at it from a particular religious point of view. In many ways, faith is an important part of dealing with these issues. Priests from various denominations, shamans, psychics, and others all have their individual take on topics like angels, the nature of evil, spirits, the afterlife, and even life on other planets. I wonder if you would consider a Mormon perspective on these and other subjects? Latter-day saints (as we prefer to be called) have an extensive and concise theology covering these subjects and even such topics as spirits, Nephilim, and other Old Testament mysteries, whereas for many Christian religions it is merely conjectural and opinions can vary widely. As the nation almost faced the prospect of having the first Mormon president a couple of elections ago, I think many are still curious about what Mormons believe and what our doctrines have to say. Having discussed these issues many times before, I know there is a great deal of interest and I am attempting to shed the light on what is to some a mysterious religion. I have also traveled extensively and written books on ancient Mesoamerican sites and how they may relate to Mormon scripture.

Daniel Johnson is the principal author of An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica and An LDS Guide to the Yucatan. His firesides on ancient American sites, culture, and artifacts that relate to Mormon beliefs are always well-received. He is an active high priest in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has taught Mormon Gospel Doctrine classes for six years. As a missionary in Argentina, he has had many opportunities to explain Mormon beliefs to others and has appeared on radio talk shows like Spooky Southcoast in Massachusetts and DriveTime Live in Utah to discuss Mormon positions and answer questions.


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