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Dark Matter’s Dark Mission

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

First I would like to say I am grateful Keith and Art found my show so interesting they thought it would fit right in with He and Richards.

I am Michael Vara and I want to give my story quick and simple.

I began Late Night in the Midlands in late 2007 and have hosted and carried my own show since,I later created the LNM Radio Network that was a forum to bring on other shows but not just any shows. The LNM Radio Network was built for real people addressing real issues and to help people think outside the box.

This network and my show has had it’s battles however we always came out standing because when your honest no one can knock you down. I move ahead to Dec of 2013,I seen a call for shows from the Dark Matter Radio Network and I figured why not give it a shot and maybe bring in more listeners being Dark Matter was to host Art Bells show some months later.

I did email Keith,he and I agreed my show would run Saturday nights because he had no room for a three hour show at that time,that was perfect for me because LNM was my first priority. I began to get emails from Dark Matter listeners about my show being live over there so I mentioned it to Keith once or twice that I would be willing to do a special show on Dark Matter once in a while if he ever wanted to go down that road (Hell I was surprised they took me in the first place) After all I had gone to war with Richard Hoagland because of his lies and gate keeping but Keith never brought it up so neither did I.

I would get emails from Keith about talking about some things on air and he would remind me that he wants paranormal and does not want to offend listeners ect,I did not like it but hey ! his station not mine.

One night I am listening to Dark Matter and to my surprise Richard Hoagland comes on after Art Bells show and I figured his whiny ass was going to cause problems and guess what ???? he did but I will get to that,

So first lets fast forward to August 31 2015 and mind you there have been no problems at all and my show was a big hit on Dark Matter as it has been with LNM listeners for years,as a matter of fact here is an email from Keith backing up what I say.

art bell

This was a regular thing but I am not going to bury you in emails.

Aug 31st 2015 (My birthday) I get called left and right by Keith and by Art Bell and I see all these missed calls and think boy ! I must have done something. My wife comes in and says Michael,Art Bell has left several messages for you and they want your show.

Here is just one of many screen shots,again I am not going to go crazy here,just want to give enough to prove my point.

Screenshot - 9_22_2015 ,ART BELL calling me

I emailed Keith and told him we can talk soon and that I was in once we figure out the lose ends but he seemed in a hurry.

Screenshot - 1_3_2016 , 11_40_51 PM

Art Bell

Even wanted to bring my archives over

Art Bell

Richard Hoagland

Then it happens,Richard Hoagland gets involved and let me ask this !why in the hell would I be obligated to tell Keith that I have had Gary on my show before ? What does that have to do with anything ? Gary was a victim of Richard Hoagland’s but that is another story (see UFO Diaries) and go to http://www.thefacesofmars.com/

and learn more about Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission or read this report put out in 2011 by myself and Glenn Canady

Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

Or this attempt to cover up for Hoagland by Project Scam a Lot

Kerry Cassidy of Project (Scam-A-Lot) defends Richard Hoaglands lies

or check out this show with Garry who is falsely accused of being Richards stalker when in fact he is exposing Hoagland for his dirty deeds.

Late Night in the Midlands 12-22-15 Gary Leggiere – Dark Mission and The Code – FIRST HOUR

So you see Richard Hoagland wanted to shut me up and hence he has his buddy’s Art & Keith call me on my birthday and offer me the golden carrot.

I was told in my phone conversation with Art Bell that he had (in Sept) 11,500 subscribers and then proceeded to inform me that Richard Hoagland has (as of Sept) 7000 subscribers, do the math ! these guys are getting rich and while I have no problem with people  getting paid for their time,I do have a problem with people claiming they need money when in fact they do not,I also have a problem with people taking the money and running like Art did. Art planned this all along,his putting Heather in his place. He made his money fools !

so anyways after many back and fourth with Keith about kissing Richard Hoagland’s ass to be on their team and after being told I would have to give up The LNM Radio Network,I would have to no longer speak with Gary Leggiere and I would have to close the door on Ryan Gable and the Secret Teachings but wait there is more ! how about signing that no compete that would basically put Keith,Art and Richard in control of my show,my future and my family’s future. I do that and maybe Richard will look the other way.

art bell

So because I am not in this for money or to take care of some young mail bride I took the high road.

Art Bell

All I had to do was kiss Hoagland’s ass and sign on the dotted line and money would not have been an issue for me any more most likely,However when I started Late Night in the Midlands I promised I would stay true to my listeners and to the cause. I have had a few come and try and buy my silence or pay me to drive their agenda but all the money in the world could not change me or my reason for doing this in the first place,all the money in the world could never take the place of what I have in Late Night in the Midlands or The LNM Radio Network,this is my baby,my purpose and my life.

So Art Bell,you had your day and it was a great run but just like all the other greedy lying information controlling entertainers,You have been exposed and Art Bell your no better than all the other gatekeepers who have come before you.

So no Mike did not snap on air ! Mike has left the Dark Matter in the dark where it belongs.

LNM Radio rocks

Michael Vara

Ira Robinson

Jolene Robinson

& the entire LNM Team !

DM not your daddy audience DM pic new one

Full Audio of my final 30 mins on Dark Matter as I was cut off because I was telling the truth about them.

Michael Vara Reveals The Truth About Dark Matter Radio Network