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Detroit citizens launch Detroit water brigade as battle looms with corporate monopolization of water supply



The “little people” have had enough in Detroit, and they’re not taking it anymore

By J.D. Heyes | Natural News

Scores of residents behind on their bills have had their water shut off by city water department officials, even as corporate slackers continue to have service despite being behind on their water bills, too.

As reported by MintPress News, the service cancellations are part of a package of “reforms” by the city government, including a push to privatize services that were once managed by the city government. Since the city filed for bankruptcy in 2013, trash collection has been handed off to a private firm, and there is an effort to further privatize water and sewage services.

According to the Detroit Free Press in a March 2014 report, then-city emergency manager Kevyn Orr appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder to steer Detroit through the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, saying that the city government had a duty to its creditors to look at all options for service. Privatization has been increasingly viewed as better than having the city and its depleted coffers running services that governments traditionally handle.
Corporate cheats get away with it