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Did bit of ‘Moon break off’ or was ‘UFO’ watching Apollo landing?…even Nasa won’t say

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

NASA has been unable to explain why a piece of the Moon appears to have broken off in one of its pictures taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing.
The odd spot was uploaded to YouTube by prolific alien chaser Streetcap 1, who thought the anomaly could be a UFO which was monitoring the moon landing.

It was then picked up by fellow UFO researcher, US-based Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily.

Mr Waring said: “This is a great photo of the moon in high quality.

“However there is one odd thing about it. A piece of it is breaking away.”

He added: “It is possible that aliens have evolved so high, that living longer is the gold of their times. So to accomplish this, they create ships and buildings that blend into the environment. This could be a ship leaving the surface, and if astronomers see it moving through space, they will believe it to be an asteroid.”

YouTube user Streetcap1 also said in the video it looked “like a piece of the moon is breaking away”.

But regardless of the madcap explanations for what the mystery object is or the picture shows, NASA has so far been unable to explain it.