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Did glowing ‘UFO’ cause THUNDERSTORM after appearing in skies above Russia?

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

FOOTAGE of a bizarre glowing orb caught on camera just before a thunderstorm broke out has sparked claims a UFO visited Russia.
A local family said they watched the weird illuminated ball above woodland for 15 minutes before filming it from two different angles in skies near Moscow then uploaded their videos to YouTube.
One girl is heard to scream in the footage before the object shoots off.

Translated from local Russian reports, one member of the family said: “Before we started shooting, the whole family watched it for about 15 minutes.

“The assumptions were different. When we realised that this was not a ball, it began to take off on camera.

“It was not raining, but at the time of disappearance of the object – on the other side of the house, it did not appear – immediately it poured with rain and the storm began.”
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