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Dr. Brett Trusko/George Haas (Star Trek Innovation/3-Sided Pyramid on Mars)on LNM Radio 12-14-17

Host Michael Vara is joined first by Dr. Brett Trusko  to discuss What Star Trek Taught Us About Innovation.

Flip open wireless communicators. Weapons that stunned
and didn’t kill. Lasers used in surgery. Wireless and
wrist computers. Unmanned vehicles. And what about
computers we could talk to…and that talked back?!
Well, hello Siri! When Star Trek debuted in 1966
viewers were either amused by or enthralled with the
wild concepts and innovative technology that creator
Gene Roddenberry envisioned for our future. Innovation
and innovative thinkers are what’s driven the world
towards everything from unmanned drones, space travel
and driverless cars to medical technology that’s saved
millions of lives. Dr. Brett Trusko, president of the
global non-profit International Assoc. of Innovation
Professionals, can speak to what their 1500+ members
are implementing today and that will change our – and
our children’s – tomorrows.


George Haas joined Michael Vara next to discuss the three-sided pyramid on Mars

*The Society for Planetary SETI Research (Est, 1991) is an independent organization of scientists and researchers with a common interest in the study of anomalies observed on planets and satellites within our solar system whose origins may be the result of intelligent design. Members come from a variety of disciplines including physics, astronomy, engineering, geology, archeology, image processing and the visual arts.
Three-sided Pyramid on Mars Featured in Science Journal.
Members of the Society for Planetary SETI Research* have a science paper published in the current issue of the Journal of Space Exploration, (Volume 6, Issue 3, 2017). The paper; “Three-Sided Pyramidal Formation in the Western Region of Candor Chasma” identifies a pyramidal formation on the surface of Mars that exhibits a high level of geometry and symmetry. Supported by five separate NASA photographs a geologist and a geoscientist conclude that because the pyramidal formation is consistent in its unique three-sided form and its symmetry goes well beyond chance they propose a claim of artificial design.
The authors include William R. Saunders, George J. Haas, James S. Miller and Michael A. Dale.
A link to a PDF version of the Journal of Space Exploration paper is provided below.

(See volume 6, issue 3).

Link: http://www.tsijournals.com/articles/threesided-pyramidal-formation-in-the-western-region-of-candor-chasma.pdf
Photographs and supportive materials are available on request.


Video Version

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