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Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

A woman who suffered from basal cell carcinoma skin cancer (located on the crown on her head) was cured after her daughter insisted that she try baking soda paste, and apply it directly on the area.

Her mother first resisted, but Azizo, a respected writer and supporter of natural medicine, read many articles about people who cured their skin cancer using a combination of baking soda, or soda bicarbonate.
Azizo applied the remedy for 38 days, and her mother was completely free from skin cancer and the wound healed completely.
Dramatic Life and Death Story

Vernon Johnston used the Veteran’s Administration to determine he had a stage III prostate cancer. He was recently divorced and low on cash. His cancer metastasized into the hip area and soon developed in stage IV. In several weeks he was supposed to be examined about the therapy he needed to undergo, and one of his sons recommended a few substances that could rapidly alkalize on a cellular level.

He ordered cesium, but it never arrived. He used baking soda and blackstrap molasses, instead of maple syrup, so the Trojan Horse sugar would open cancer cells wide and they could receive the highly alkaline influence of baking soda, which would eventually result in destruction of cancer cells.

He used this remedy and two weeks later his next bone scan determined no spreading of cancer. The PSA dropped from 22 to 5 to 1 over the course of his treatment and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Read more about Vernon’s story here.

In addition to his treatment, Vernon received a lot of sunlight, did regular breathing exercises in order to increase the oxygen delivery to the cancer affected area, and switched to a healthier plant based diet.