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Bigfoot ? real or BS ?

Home Forums Paranormal Conversations Bigfoot ? real or BS ?

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    What do you all think ?



    I’m undecided on this, I mean there are plenty of witnesses who claim sightings every year world wide. The legend/mythos on the idea of big foot go back to the Ancient Aboriginals, and Native American tribes, including other Ancient societies reining in areas such as Northern Europe, and the Mesopotamian cultures. One of the well known stories of a hairy squatch like man comes straight out of Sumer One of the first known advanced civilizations to man.This Story is known as the epic of Gilgamesh, which encompasses the life of a great demigod king named Gilgamesh and his quest for Eternal life with his brother Enkidu, his hairy demigod twin, in the pre-flood world, where large creatures, and larger giants roamed the past. People in different areas of the world report different races or subspecies of these furry men. Descriptions range between A brown or black squatch man, to a large white Yeti, or even a orange furred Yowi, with a FuManChu. My belief is that they are probably the Neanderthal man today fully adapted to a Natural setting, and could be linked to that of Entities beyond this world. Living in nature is living in love, therefore they are much more attuned to the spiritual path, and their connection with god, whos to say that their Pineal glands aren’t farther evolved than our own?
    Maybe they telepathically are in communion with other entities?
    Mabe they are the Human lineage adept to surviving the coming catastrophe?
    I know all of this may seem far fetched now, however I like to keep an open mind and keep all of the possibilities open to debate until otherwise proven right or wrong by facts and evidence. Yes evidence, see that is my problem, we have plenty of cultural evidence, and sightings, but no real genetic tissue, bones, prints, or photos to remove some of the doubt factor.



    Yes proof would be nice.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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