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Genetically engineered virus ‘cures’ patients of skin cancer

cancer skin cure

The new therapy has far fewer side effects because it is harnassing the body’s own immune system
A genetically engineered virus has ‘cured’ patients of cancer for the first time in a breakthrough which raises hopes of an end to chemotherapy.

In a worldwide study which was led by the Institute of Cancer Research in the UK, scientists showed that the new treatment allowed some patients with skin cancer to live for more than three years – the benchmark many oncologists use to define a cure.

The therapy – called T-VEC – works by infecting and killing cancer cells while also sparking the immune system into action against tumours.

Currently most cancers are treated with using invasive chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, all of which carry the risk of further harm.

The new therapy has far fewer side effects and does not damage healthy tissue or cells.

While the breakthrough came in skin cancer patients, scientists said it raises hopes that the same process could be used for other cancers.