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Germans believe in aliens

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

It’s not just sci-fi nerds: According to a representative survey, a lot of Germans can put their skepticism aside when it comes to creatures from outer space. Even scientists believe there could be extraterrestrial life.
Are we alone in the universe? More than half of the Germans polled in a recent survey don’t think so. Market research institute YouGov asked 1,171 people whether they believed in extraterrestrials and 56 percent said yes.

More than 1,000 people asked is considered a representative number for Germany. YouGov researchers conducted the survey via an online questionnaire between September 18 and 22. Anna Schneider, senior consultant with the institute, said she was not surprised by the high number of believers.

“The reason for believing is a mix of hope and fear,” Schneider told DW. “It’s hard for humans to imagine that we are this special and singular in a universe whose end we don’t even know, but it’s also not easy to picture sharing the special status of intelligent life. So I expected an outcome of around fifty-fifty.”

Life finds a way
The idea that aliens or extraterrestrials could exist is not just purported by a layman’s majority; it’s also subject to serious scientific research.