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Ghost sighting: White Lady emerges from tree

LNM Radio Network

The winds that roared through the Rochester area a few weeks ago were ferocious enough to awaken a few local ghosts.

The wind ripped a large chunk of wood from a tree in Durand-Eastman Park in the storm, leaving behind a splintered, spectral shape that some believe is a ghost at the center of a decades-old Rochester legend.
Also known as the Lady in the Lake, the 19th-century White Lady wanders the park area, obsessively looking for the body of her daughter, who was slain by a boyfriend or group of hoodlums, depending on the story you hear. Legend has it that the human White Lady either killed herself in grief, or died alone and heartbroken.
The lady’s shape in the tree resembles a woman with a skull-like face, wearing a dress and stretching her arms overhead. Some say it appears as if she’s holding a baby. The tree broke naturally in the storm, said Monroe County Parks Department Director Larry Staub, quelling rumors of a prankster carving the apparition into the bark.