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Google enables hunt for Loch Ness Monster


An update to Google’s Street View service has made it possible to explore Loch Ness from your computer.

The search for the world’s best known lake monster received an unexpected boost this week after search giant Google revealed the launch of an update to Street View that enables web users to venture for themselves in to the loch’s murky depths.

Those with a keen eye can now search for the monster from a number of locations across the loch including a point opposite Urquhart Castle and another near Fort Augustus, a small town located at the very southernmost end of Loch Ness.

“The Street View project is hugely exciting for us,” said Malcolm Roughead, chief executive of the local tourism agency. “We are delighted the team at Google have been as inspired about our monster as the thousands of visitors who travel to Loch Ness every year hoping to catch a glimpse.”

This isn’t the first time that efforts have been made to venture beneath the surface of the loch either.

Back in 1969 Dan Scott Taylor famously attempted to locate evidence of the monster by descending in to the murky depths within his yellow submarine Viperfish. The vehicle proved to be more than a little tempramental but despite the fact that the hatch wouldn’t close properly he made it back alive.

While his efforts ultimately failed to find the fabled monster, the actual vessel he used for his expedition can still be found to this day outside the Loch Ness Exhibition Center in Drumnadrochit.

For those looking to explore the waters of the loch from the safety and comfort of their own home however Google’s Loch Ness Street View section can be viewed from link below