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Heatwave UK: Hottest July day for 160 years – but will it continue on Thursday?

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

Temperatures hit 96F (36.7C) in Britain on Wednesday to make it the hottest July since records began
Britain sweltered in the hottest July day for 160 years yesterday as temperatures hit 98F (36.7C) surpassing even Mumbai in India.

Roads melted and hundreds of trains were cancelled or delayed over fears tracks would buckle in the heat.

On the M1 emergency services handed out bottles of water to motorists left stranded for hours when a lorry carrying explosives caught fire at around 1pm amid forked lightning storms.
One man was killed after leaping into a reservoir to cool down in Suffolk and hospitals said they were busier than usual as the heat took its toll on the elderly and unwell.

Urgent health warnings were issued by Public Health England who advised people to stay indoors and check on vulnerable neighbours.