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Heidi Hollis (Hat Man/Shadow People) on LNM Radio 10-19-17

Heidi Hollis is a truth seeker of the unknown. A foremost expert on Shadow People and The Hat Man phenomena, she actually gave them both their descriptive names in her book The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People and her newest book, The Hat Man: The True Story of Evil Encounters. Her other acclaimed books, Jesus Is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus and Picture Prayers, span a variety of topics based on Jesus and angel encounters.

She has also authored and drawn a new graphic novel series, The Fickle Finders, which spans topics from aliens to angels. Her newest book is a graphic novel to help arm people against evil onslaught with, “The Other ‘F’ Word”. Hollis is also a lively radio talk show host (“The Outlander” with 550k listeners, The Kevin Cook Show has 860k listeners, and Paranormal Central), lecturer, cartoonist and practicing occupational therapist. Her paranormal comic strip, The Outlanders is gaining in popularity and spans as many topics as paranormally possible. She has spoken across the country and has been featured on a variety of notable radio and television programs worldwide.

Host Michael Vara is joined by expert on Shadow People and the Hat Man, Heidi Hollis, spoke about these dark supernatural figures that she believes menace people around the globe. In contrast to Shadow People, the Hat Man appears as a solid, and real being. Around 8 ft. tall, he typically wears a suit, trench coat or cape, gaucho or fedora hat, and is often seen with intimidating glowing red eyes, she reported. Sightings, she added, are on the rise, and generally accompanied by strong feelings of dread and horror.

The Secret War: A True Story About A Real Alien War and Shadow People
Jesus is No Joke: A True Story of an Unlikely Witness Who Saw Jesus
Picture Prayers: The Journey to Picture Perfect Prayers
Diary Blog of the Fickle Finders
The Hat Man: The True Story Of Evil Encounters

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