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Humans to be FROZEN IN TIME for space travel as scientists move to COLONISE other planets

LNM Radio Network

ASTRONAUTS are being frozen in time in sleeper pods so they can endure long space journeys to far away destinations.
As humanity gears up to colonise other planets the sleeper pods will help with the extremely long journeys.

Mars, which is the closest planet to Earth and the top of the interplanetary travel destinations, will take six months to travel to with current technology.

Pluto, on the edge of the solar system, took nine and a half years to reach in the fastest, unmanned, spacecraft.
By lowering the average body temperature (37 degrees celsius) to around 32 degrees celsius, the heart rate and blood pressure are also lowered, inducing a state of sleep.

Medical professionals already use the tactic to treat sufferers of cardiac arrest and heart failure so that they have more time to asses the damage.