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‘I was bullied over childhood UFO encounter,’ reveals witness to famous Welsh ‘Broad Haven Triangle’ incident

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

More than 12 schoolchildren saw a mysterious craft outside their school – now one has revealed the lifelong effect of this historical sighting
Dave Davies, 49, has spent more than three decades on a quest for answers after witnessing one of Britain’s most famous UFO incidents.

Now he has exclusively revealed the personal toll he paid for his refusal to stay quiet about a series of strange events which took place in the skies over rural Wales.

The so-called Broad Haven Triangle encounters have gone down in history as one of the great unexplained British UFO encounters.
“I suffered years of bullying and abuse during my secondary school years,” he recalled.

“Some of the bullying was horrific but however much I was beaten I would never recant on my account.

“Even at the age of 11 I refused to abandon my principles. These days I’m quite defensive over the matter.”