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Is It All a Matter of Time?

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

The wide world of fiction is peppered with tales of time travel, from the imaginative magnificence of HG Wells’ Time Machine to the Saturday night whimsy of Doctor Who, 52-years-old and still going strong. But why is this subject so endlessly fascinating – could it be that we all have a secret yearning to move forwards and backwards in time, and have some people actually managed this incredible feat?
Sceptics would suggest the answer is no. ‘Where is the proof?’ they would ask, ‘where are the scientific documents and suchlike’? However, like all dips into the beautiful pool of the paranormal, there are tantalising glimpses that such phenomena does exist, or, paradoxically, has existed at some point in time.

There are tall tales, folk tales and downright lies on the subject of time travel. A quick search of Google more than underlines this. Among the nonsense, however, are some mysteries for which there have so far been no satisfactory explanation, and ones about which the reader must make up their own mind.

You want photographic proof of time travel? Some say it already exists – in the form of the so-called Time Travelling Hipster. This cool dude is pictured looking massively out of place on a famous image from 1941, at the re-opening of a bridge in Canada. Among the smiling crowds of people in their 1940’s suits and hats, on the black and white image, stands a man in his twenties, wearing a pair of modern black shades, a shirt with a logo on the front and a swept-back haircut which screams late 1950s-early 1960s, or even later, rather than staid old 1941. He is also carrying a portable camera, the sort of which wasn’t readily available – if even invented – in those far-off forties days. The picture is authentic; there’s no Photoshopping here. Could this be a real life Time Lord enjoying a day out 75 years ago, and caught on camera for all to marvel at? Check it out below and make your own decision!