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Jade Helm whistleblower claims Texas to be attacked by government in June ??????


Here we go again !! so called media promoting wanna be whistleblowers , did they ever think of getting some kind of proof to back up these claims ?? I would mention it on air if where I and leave it at that rather than devote multible shows for some BS artist using a very real threat for their own gain ! Number one,shame on the BS artist who claims to be a whistleblower. Number 2 shame on these media outlets who use these very real threats to promote propaganda for their own gain.

Now here is the so called whistleblowers story.

Jade Helm whistleblower claims Texas to be attacked by government in June
Dale Lewis
Jade Helm 15 Research Lab
43 mins ·

I was working in Austin today, and in line at a continent store; a very peculiar person approached me. I could tell he was shaken up. Upon making eye contact, he approached me and casually asked if I knew what Jade Helm was. I said yes. He asked if I was military. I said no. Why? He said he just went AWOL and is trying to warn as many people that’ll listen as he makes his way (off grid) to a safe place.

I was intrigued and asked what he knew. He hurriedly showed me some papers and proceeded to tell me that upon getting his “orders” he quit and started running. He said Monday will be the kick off event that’ll send the operation real time.

He shared info (not sure how credible) that an emp attack is planned over Texas next Monday. That’ll be the first strike.While I can’t connect the dots as to why Texas would be rendered moot, but analyzing the situation, and figuring next Monday is the 15th that could complete the 15 part of Jade Helm 15.For what it’s worth, I figured I’d share. If something does go down, here’s the proof of prior knowledge
Dale Lewis, was interviewed by Project Camelot.

The reason we have decided to put this out there now is that Project Camelot has conducted a follow up interview with a person they are dubbing “White Rabbit,” because the person wishes to keep his identity anonymous for safety sake. This man is the person that spoke to the individual claiming to be a soldier that is trying to warn people what Jade Helm is all about.
There is no way to verify whether the person this “White Rabbit” spoke to was actually a soldier or just somebody playing a very sick and twisted joke, so it is up to readers/listeners to make their own determination on what they believe after listening to the interview below.