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Jeff Rense a Predator ? – Ex-Wife #3

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

“One night, he got out his gun, a .357 magnum I believe…. The gun was pointed at me and he then “acted” out an attempt to commit his own suicide with the gun to his head.”
(Editor’s Note: If this article were about Henry Kissinger or Milt Romney, “Patriots” would be doing high-fives and sending congratulations. Because it is about Jeff Rense, many hypocrites will see it as a betrayal. They prefer a comfortable lie to disconcerting truth.

Friends, Jeff Rense has betrayed our trust. Psychopaths know how to win trust but invariably betray it. Suezan, his third wife, also found him “charming” as did six other ex-wives, many more fiances, listeners and former collaborators.

Truthers must face the truth. Far from championing truth and goodness, Jeff Rense is a fraud. Together with Megan’s revelations, this article confirms a life-long pattern of pathological deceit and exploitation that has not ended.)
– See more at: http://www.henrymakow.com/i_know_jeff_rense_as_a_predato.html#sthash.47FY1P2B.dpuf