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Jim Mosquera /Chip Reichenthal (Escaping OZ /Paranormal ) on LNM Radio 05-18-17

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Host Michael Vara was joined by 2 guest tonight. First was Jim Mosquera to discuss the Escaping Oz series that warns of what could come in 2020 and later Chip Reichenthal  joins me for a fascinating conversation of the paranormal.

Chip Reichenthal has been fascinated by afterlife sciences, metaphysics, and paranormal realms for several years, following an encounter with his best friend—at the moment of the friend’s death.
Although the novel “Even the Dead Won’t Tell You the Truth” is a fictional work, it is rooted in truths and personal experiences as well as an intimate knowledge and background in metaphysical practice and paranormal investigation. Some opinions in the writing were offered more for consistency with story line, and in any sense are not meant to offend or detract people from their personal beliefs. Chip’s fascination of the unknown adds to other works in progress, including some unconventional science-fiction work soon to come.

for Tarot Card readings contact Chip at @victimsofretail

Jim Mosquera presents a unique profile with degrees in Industrial Engineering, a business background in telecommunications and networking, and a self-developed knowledge of economics and the financial markets. He is a Principal at Sentinel Consulting, a small business debt restructuring and capital acquisition firm.
Jim is also a non-fiction author who’s published
three non-fiction books in the Escaping Oz series. He’s also the author of
the Chandler Scott thriller series (2020, Rebellium, Division) featuring politics, a financial crisis and cyber terror. The thriller series gives a chilling, realistic look at the nation’s future.

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