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Joanne Summerscales & Bill Brooks (UFO abductions and covert military experiment) LNM Radio 12-13-16

Michael Vara is joined by Joanne Summerscales shared the remarkable story of Bill Brooks, a former British soldier, who experienced what he calls a ‘download’ of information revealing a lifetime of UFO abductions and covert military experimentation.

Joanna Summerscales has been researching and interviewing Experiencers-Contactees & Abductees on camera and radio for a few years under the The Ammach Project, a dedicated UK resource for Experiencers. (AMMACH = Anomalous, Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline). The UK Helpline 0795 1752 813 provided is still current, though the Ammach website was closed Dec 2015, after extensive hacking. Joanna continues her work under the banner of The ET Newsroom, (www.theetnewsroom.com). She has a great interest in experiencer health wellbeing as a result of encounters and is a regression therapist. She is currently working on a variety of media orientated projects involving this astonishing field.
Bill Brooks is an ex-Soldier and a musician who for the first 44 years of his life had no idea he was the subject of intense ET interest with a variety of beings. His early life gave no indication of such experiences. He began life with virtually no education, he was completely unprepared for what he came to know as an integral part of his own life, namely that ET was a reality, and he an unwitting participant in a life time of encounters. Bill is an ordinary man, getting by in life, raising his child and finally finding a way to come to terms with the torrent of information that was visited upon him, at the age of 44, where he saw his whole life unfolding, including all the ET events, a subject which to that point, he’d no time for and no believe in! A life changing event, changing forever his world view.


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