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John Dinardo (The incoming Brown Dwarf Star) LNM Radio 12-30-16

Host Michael Vara is joined by John Dinardo who Following his service as a U.S. Marine aircraft electronics technician, he earned the bachelor’s degree in science education from Kean University, specializing in physics and biology,

(cumulative grade point average: 3.44 of a maximum 4.00),

and received state certification to teach all of the sciences in the high schools of New Jersey.
His early career involved teaching twelfth grade high school physics, six classes daily.
Desiring greater creative latitude, he reverted to his prior career in electronics, working for the following companies:
General Instruments, Inc., McGraw-Edison Co., Bendix
Avionics Corp., MCI Corp., Dynalco Corp., Tektronix Inc.,
Industrial Timer Corp., Mobile-Vision Inc., and twenty years
with Bell Telephone Laboratories/AT&T Bell Laboratories,

inventing, building, and operationally proving electronic circuits used in the development of AT&T’s commercial and residential telecommunications products.
During those years, he attended Fairleigh-Dickinson University,taking courses in electrical engineering and in differential equations.
His work and studies in the mutually related fields
of physics and electronics involves the principles of electricity and magnetism, upon which is based his theory that Earth’s solid inner core is not only normally rotating, but it is abnormally revolving,
which is weakening Earth’s magnetic field and is
undulating the normally smooth jet stream, thus causing the chronically violent extreme weather that has been afflicting the entire world for at least the past decade.
His theory is that this abnormal revolving of Earth’s solid inner core is caused by a hyperactive solar emissions blasting into Earth’s magnetic field and feeding this energy into the center of the Earth, exerting lateral electromagnetic forces to push Earth’s inner core off center. Moreover, his theory is that the root cause of this solar blasting is electrical discharges fired at the Sun by incoming plasma-drenched comets which were gravitationally
captured in deep space during the inbound travel of a Sun-pulled brown dwarf star from deep space which NASA has — for decades
— called “Planet X.”
Since such a celestial threat would weaken their control over the population, the ruling elite have concealed this from the American people. However, NASA has been concerned about the approach
of Planet X for nearly a half century, and has even published an
internal document (posted on the Internet), titled:
“The Search for Planet X.”


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