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John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

Senator John McCain has responded to a staged ISIS beheading video which pro-Russian hackers claim was found on one of his staffer’s electronic devices, with the Senator asserting that he is “proud” to be the target of “America’s enemies”.

As we reported yesterday, pro-Moscow hacktivist outfit CyberBerkut released the video, which they claimed was evidence that the U.S. was supporting ISIS and was responsible for releasing Islamic State execution videos.

CyberBerkut has previously took credit for hacking NATO websites and obtaining correspondence from within the United States Embassy in Ukraine.

The group insisted that the footage was hacked from a device belonging to one of McCain’s assistants during a trip to Ukraine last month, but there was no accompanying evidence for this claim.

The clip shows an individual staging a ‘Jihadi John’ style beheading video inside a film studio with professional cameras, lighting and a backdrop made to resemble desert scenery. The executioner appears to be taking advice from a director on how to act.

LNM Radio

LNM Radio

McCain responded on his official Twitter account, remarking, “Another nutty conspiracy theory from the #Russian Internet trolls – I’m very proud to be target of America’s enemies.”

What’s ironic is that McCain was pictured meeting with an individual who is now the leader of ISIS forces in Libya – Abdelhakim Belhadj – who worked directly with U.S. and NATO forces during the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi.