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John Shaughnessy ( Pyramid Gravity Force ) LNM Radio 08-09-17

Ancient mysteries researcher John Shaughnessy joins Host Michael Vara on LNM Radio where he discusses his theory that the pyramids found on the earth are actually geoengineering devices that utilize gravity waves to stabilize the Earth.

John Shaughnessy enlisted in the US Navy and spent three years on the fast frigate (USS Miller FF 1091) during his deployments he visited close to fifty foreign countries. During a simple deployment he became obsessed with the paranormal after an unexplained event while cruising through the Bermuda Triangle on board the USS Miller on this special day the sky was blue the same color as the ocean one could not see the beginning or end to the horizon or the ocean there was no wind or waves the ocean was like glass, temperature was 95 degrees F then this mighty fighting ship just lost power we were dead in the water for over an hour to this day there has been no official explanation.
His passions are in the alternative world of ancient human history and theoretical physics. He has two books and he is here now to discuss them and

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