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Lab-grown meat to go on sale within 5 years

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Burgers made from meat that has been grown in a lab could soon be appearing on supermarket shelves.
The world’s first lab-grown burger, which was developed by a team in the Netherlands and cost a whopping £215,000 to produce, was seen as a major milestone in the development of a new and sustainable food source that could help feed our planet’s ever-growing population.

Now the researchers are hoping to take things to the next level by setting up a new company with the goal of mass-producing the meat and making their new lab-grown products affordable to all.

“I feel extremely excited about the prospect of this product being on sale,” said Peter Verstrate who is heading up the new firm. “And I am confident that when it is offered as an alternative to meat that increasing numbers of people will find it hard not to buy our product for ethical reasons.”

The burgers, which are created using stem cells, could appear on supermarket shelves within as little as five years once demand has been established and the cost of production comes down.

Whether the average consumer is likely to purchase it however remains to be seen.