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Lack of US gun control Obama’s ‘greatest’ frustration


This goes a long way to explaining why we see so many false flags, mass shootings, etc in the media all the time.

They’ve been after the Second Amendment for so long, I do not remember a time when it was not happening.  But, it’s definitely ramped up, and, if it is rescinded, we will lose everything else, as well.



He said that for the next 18 months of his presidency, gun control will be the biggest focus.



US President Barack Obama said a “distressing” lack of progress on gun control legislation had been the greatest source of frustration during his time in office.

His comments came just hours before a gunman opened fire in a movie theater in the state of Louisiana, shooting dead two people before killing himself.

In interview with the BBC, Obama said the issue he felt “most frustrated and most stymied” by was legislators’ inability to push through limitations on access to arms, despite repeated massacres during his tenure.