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Larry Arnold (spontaneous human combustion ) – LNM Radio 01-17-17

LNM Radio Network

Host Michael Vara is joined by Larry Arnold, who combines his scientific background with the world of Forteana and weird events, discussed his continuing research into spontaneous human combustion (SHC). Classic SHC cases are defined by “the smoking, blistering, or burning of a person in the absence of a known identifiable nearby burn agent, that is if you can rule out an external emission source,” he explained. Another hallmark of SHC is that while the victim’s body burns almost entirely, the surrounding environment is largely unscathed.

While skeptics claim that combustion almost never starts within the human body, he cited a number of mechanisms, chemical or bio-electrical, within the body “that we believe can explain many cases…the body could self-electrocute its physical structure,” for instance. Arnold detailed the famous Dr. John Bentley case– in 1966 his entire body was reduced to ash, except for part of his leg and foot (photo). Arnold traveled to Oklahoma to investigate a newer case from 2013 of Danny Vanzandt who burned to death in a fire that was relegated almost entirely to his body. There was no damage to the ceiling, and coins that were in his pocket were still intact on the floor, he reported.

Larry Arnold was trained in the methodology of science with an undergraduate major in mechanical engineering. He later worked for the private-sector in electrical engineering. Larry developed a burgeoning fascination with human consciousness potential and undertook a new province of study: the unexplained.

In 1976 he founded ParaScience International. As director of PSI, he combines his scientific background with investigating and describing the intriguing world of forteana – those unconventional subjects and weird events that fail to find acceptance, let alone explanation, within the boundaries of today’s science. Larry is internationally recognized for his pioneering research in spontaneous human combustion.

WEBSITES: parascience.com

BOOKS: Ablaze!: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion

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