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Late Night in the Midlands 05-15-15 Robert Morningstar – Structures on the Moon

as 11 - ufo


Tonight’s show with guest Robert Morningstar



From the Guest:

A close-up photo the Arched Bridge and Ellerman Crater that I discovered on the Farside of the Moon  …in summer of 2010.

This blue one is a rear illuminated image, shot off a 42 inch monitor, hence the pixelation, but it’s a beauty.The Second is a Red for Blue Color swapped version.

Feel free to post this link to the Secret Space Program links below.
big ben on the moon - apollo - labelled - mstar enh.jpg Moon Pidgeon - NASA UFO Under Apollo hiroshima on the moon - master plan - medium  morningstar enh Big Ben In Context for JC as-16 moon racer - morningstar enh-large AS 15-83-11218-Mstar enh as 11 - ufo arched bridge on farside- rear  lighting - morningstar enh arched bridge on farside - morningstar enh -red4blue RDM- Moon Racer - Silhouette
Robert spoke of a secret space program that has long existed, Robert also pointed out structures on our moon and what it means.
Robert in the beginning of this show spoke about his near death experiences and how it all ties into the moon.