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Late Night in the Midlands 05-25-15 Gary Leggiere A New Face on Mars

Gary Leggiere

Gary Leggiere, also known as The Mad Martian, once again joins Michael Vara to talk about Mars, Richard Hoagland, and an amazing discovery of a BRAND NEW face on Mars.

Michael Vara has been covering Gary and his discovery’s since late 2011, Michael Vara spent 3 months combing through the mount of evidence against Richard C Hoagland and his cover up of the real Mars. Michael Vara was once told by Richard if Michael has Gary on his show then Richard himself will not come on. Gary spoke of the code he found that was passed on through time for Gary to discover. Gary provided a photo of yet another face on Mars that is undoubtedly not natural proving that WE are not alone.

Michael Vara considers Gary Leggiere the authority on structures on Mars and deservedly so. Listen as Gary lays out the REAL Mars.

Face on Mars

Gary Leggiere Website:  http://martianrevelationradioshow.blogspot.com/