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Late Night in the Midlands guest Brad Olsen (Underground bases-ET involvement & our Esoteric World 07-22-16

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

Brad Olsen is an editor for World Explorer Magazine and writes a bimonthly column for Heartland Healing Magazine. He is the author of In Search of Adventure, Sacred Places Around the World, Sacred Places Europe, and World Stompers. He lives in San Francisco.

author Brad Olsen joined Michael Vara to discuss underground bases,ET and those who control our reality as well as the flaws in modern history and how conspiracy theories, esoteric insights, and fringe subjects can be used to help change a dead-end course for humanity. He contended that nearly every facet of human life, from science, government, and banking to farming, water treatment, and even spirituality, have been manipulated by nefarious forces to ensure control over the population. “As we awaken to truth,” he observed, “we’re realizing that the beneficial information in all these areas has been suppressed and revised in order to keep us enslaved.” Behind this agenda, Olsen said, are wealthy families which propagate global wars and control essential resources.

“We have to take the bold steps of rethinking of who we are and what the history is on this planet,” Olsen declared. To that end, he noted the Great Pyramids of Egypt as one area which encapsulates this concept of “rethinking our history.” Olsen observed that the landmarks display an uncanny level of early technological sophistication, but also reveal a strange devolution in later abilities of the Egyptian culture. Similar to the seemingly spontaneous emergence of the Sumerian culture, Olsen posited that both civilizations constitute a “legacy of something previous,” which remains hidden from the historical record. By opening our minds to this ‘forbidden’ history, Olsen mused, humanity may learn the true heritage of our world and begin to free itself from the ‘powers that be’ controlling the planet.

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network





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