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Late Night in the Midlands Guest Jim Olgesby (Travelers from Space) 06-10-16 (Free to all)

Jim Oglesby

Born in Rincon, Ga. small town USA near Savannah, Ga. Family moved to Florida in 1957. I am a Navy Vet. In 1967, I worked for Bendix at Kennedy Space Center. NASA contracted with the Bendix Corporation to build the Apollo lunar surface experiments package (ALSEP). A specific instrumentation package. Bendix also built several (fabrication) projects for the Apollo Program. New Year’s Eve weekend, I was visiting relatives. At the time they lived in Bithlo, Fl. A sparsely populated community about halfway between Orlando and NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral, Fl.

book 2

It was dark. My brother-in-law, Jon and I were in the kitchen, sipping coffee and chatting about one thing or another. It was then, an amber flash, reflected through the small kitchen window that faced east. I reached round and flung wide the front door, and I saw a circular space craft, hovering, momentarily, about a hundred feet above and east of where I was standing on the porch. Long story short, that spacecraft converged with a second craft. Both landed in a field across the street from my relative’s mobile home. The UFOs were there to monitor and to inspect the nosecone payload of a MM2 rocket scheduled to launch Early New Year’s Eve morning.

Six weeks later, on February 13, 1968, extraterrestrials dispatched a remote-controlled disc into a field directly across the street from my relative’s home. That device would be the vehicle or means of ongoing contact with me until the summer of 1969. That’s when everything changed.

website: www.travelersfromspace.wix