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Late Night in the Midlands guest Shadow (Surviving the Ipredator) 08-29-16

LNM Radio Network

LNM Radio Network

This educational show about online safety and security

Host Michael Vara was joined by Security expert Todd Kinsely (Shadow) to discuss Ipredator and it’s use of disinformation,misrepresentation and cyber stalking and bullying. Michael Nuccitelli of Ipredator is a online snitch who attacks radio show host who allow him to get close enough. Once he gets in he begins to collect data on listeners and guest and family and stalking peoples social media accounts and when they do not give in to his control he uses all the information against you by twisting it or even going as far to make it all up.

Dr.Michael Nuccitelli enlist mentally ill or unintelligent individuals to  do his dirty deeds so that it will not trace back to him. So please listen to this very informative show as Michael Vara is joined by 2 other radio host Ryan Gable and Riscalla Stephens who was threatened , bullied and cyber stalked by Michael Nuccitelli and a 70 some year old woman Adonna who explains how he robbed her content prior to coming on the radio show that night.

Shadow’s Government is a learning and teaching portal as well as an Information Security Consulting Firm.
The tenants of Shadow’s Government are as follows:

  • Non-Militant
  • White Hat Hacking
  • Training the Masses: Information Security and Online Safety
  • Advocacy of Information Transparency
  • Group Organization Dynamics
  • Freedom of Knowledge
  • Fact Investigation and Information Dissemination
  • Constitutional Values
  • Exposing Government Corruption
  • Respecting and Practicing not only U.S Law but Global Law
  • Zero tolerance for racism and hate speech
  • Respect for all non-corrupt Law Enforcement Officials
  • A profound duty to assist those in need
  • Investigate everything, do not take for granted any information posted on the Net
  • Books are your friend 😉
  • http://shadowsgovernment.com/
  • http://michaelnuccitelli.net/
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